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    September 7th, 2009HeatheriPhone

    c64_app_iphoneOkay, so I don’t own an iPhone.  I wish that I did, but I don’t.  However if you do own an iPhone, do you know about one of the newest apps for this phone?  Seriously, I think that the iPhone has more applications than my desk top computer does and for the moment, I’m okay with that, especially if when I get an iPhone they keep coming out with them.

    The latest app for the iPhone is Commodore 64 Emulator iPhone App – this particular app is actually going to include five different games, all of which look awesome on that screen.  The games are: Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck, and Jack Attack and all of them are so cool!

    This is actually the very first game emulator app for the iPhone and it is about $4.99.  If this one goes well, there will be more apps just like this with different games.

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