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    April 3rd, 2010HeatherLG

    LG GB280LG is coming out with some hot, hot phones this season and I have to say that their newest phone, the LG GB280 is certainly one phone that is going to be hot.  Why?  Because the LG GB280 that is going to be released in Brazil actually comes pre-loaded with Lady Gaga wallpaper as well as songs!

    Some of the most popular songs like Paparazzi, Dance in the Dark and Bad Romance.  This music phone actually has a lot of technology packed in their as well, for example, it has a 2-megapixel camera, a 176 x 220 pixel display, stereo Bluetooth, a built-in music player, an FM radio, e-mail, a web browser, Dolby Mobile sound and GSM/EDGE connectivity.

    You want a slider phone that is cool and chic?  That is what this LG phone is all about!

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    March 20th, 2010HeatherAndroid

    Kyocera Communications IncOne company that I do not think a lot of people know about is Kyocera Communications Inc, this is a company that not only is awesome for their production in phones and also their awesome technology that they have packed into their phones, but this company is known for their variety of phones too.  That is where the brand new Android, the Zio M6000 is introduced!

    The technology packed into the Android from Kyocera Communications Inc is absolutely incredible.  Not only does it offer up a 3.5-inch 480 x 800 touchscreen display, a 3.2MP camera with 30fps video recording, a virtual QWERTY keyboard, a 256MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot (up to 32GB), an accelerometer sensor, an ambient light sensor, a media player, a web browser, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headset jack, Android OS but it supports CDMA2000 1x EV-DO rev. A connectivity.

    You want technology and sleek style?  That is what this phone is all about!

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    February 27th, 2010HeatherSamsung

    Samsung Diva S7070When you think about it, there are not too many phones out there that are just for women – however, Samsung has been thinking about the ladies and I can tell you for sure, that the brand new Samsung Clutch SPH-W9500 is actually one of those phones that is just for the ladies – in the UK.  While Samsung may just be thinking about the UK, I can tell you for sure that these phones are hot all over.

    The Samsung Clutch SPH-W9500 is actually one handset that is going to be available in South Korea and it is packed with technology.  The Samsung Clutch SPH-W9500 has a 3.2-inch display, 3G, GPS, T-DMB, a 3MP camera with 3D motion picture, a secondary 1.3MP camera for video calls, a MicroSD card slot (up to 16GB), and a 960 mAh battery.

    All of this and extra apps added in just for a women?  This phone is definitely one that I will be investing in!

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    December 26th, 2009HeatherLG, LG Phones

    myphoto3When you are talking about cell phones, there is one particular cell phone company that comes to mind and that is LG.  I can tell you for sure, that anything that comes out of the LG workshop is not only going to be quality, but it is going to be awesome.

    Take the LG Shine II for example, this is a phone that I can tell you for sure is making waves all over the place and the specs alone blow me away quite a bit.  The phone is a slider phone and it has a 2.2-inch wider mirror LCD display, the camera is a 2MP with flash and it has a music player on it.

    It also has AT&T navigator, GPS, Bluetooth and of course quad-band GSM connectivity.

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    November 23rd, 2009Heathercell phones

    xmas-4Christmas will be here before you know it, and a lot of people are already turning their attention to finding the perfect gift for their loved ones.

    Over the years, cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices have become popular gift choices, and with good reason. They do make great gifts, if you are willing to do some research and put a lot of time and effort into learning about the recipient.

    You need to know what the person who will be getting the gift likes, wants, and needs. Getting a high tech cell phone for someone who only wants to make and receive calls isn’t a great idea. Getting a standard cell phone for someone who likes to take pictures and send text messages is likewise a bad idea.

    Know who you’re buying for, and you can make the recipient very happy.

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    October 31st, 2009Heathercell phones

    Casio IT-800 RGC-35 Rugged PDA

    What is the company that you think about when you think cell phones?  For me – it is all about Samsung; however a newer company named Casio seems to be taking the show with the brand new Casio IT-800 RGC-35 Rugged PDA.  This is a PDA cell phone that is actually pretty neat looking and has a 3.7-inch VGA display along with a low-reflection touch panel screen, which is pretty awesome.

    Some other specs on this particular phone include the high speed 3G wireless WAN (HSDPA) capability as standard feature. What makes the Casio IT-800 RGC-35 more interesting is that it supports IP54-rated dust/splash proof and can withstand being dropped on concrete from a height of 1.5 meters.

    This phone also is packed with tons of other features, but you are going to have to look them up!

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    October 3rd, 2009HeatherPhilips

    Philips Philips is a company that is known for their electronics.  They make everything from TVs all the way to phones now and I think that the Philips brand is actually one that I could trust to produce some quality phones.  That is why I am so excited to announce that Philips is coming out with two brand new touchscreen phones!  The X806 and the C702!

    These two phones are absolutely incredible and packed with everything! The X806 offers a 3.5-inch 240 x 400 TFT display, a 5MP camera, a 47MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, Bluetooth and supports quad-band GSM/GPRS connectivity. Meanwhile, the C720 is a CDMA 1X phone that features a 3.4-inch QVGA display, a 1.3MP camera, GPS, a 70MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot and Bluetooth connectivity.

    All of that in two phones?  It truly is incredible and while we don’t have pricing yet, I’m sure that the phones should be coming out here soon!

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    September 7th, 2009HeatheriPhone

    c64_app_iphoneOkay, so I don’t own an iPhone.  I wish that I did, but I don’t.  However if you do own an iPhone, do you know about one of the newest apps for this phone?  Seriously, I think that the iPhone has more applications than my desk top computer does and for the moment, I’m okay with that, especially if when I get an iPhone they keep coming out with them.

    The latest app for the iPhone is Commodore 64 Emulator iPhone App – this particular app is actually going to include five different games, all of which look awesome on that screen.  The games are: Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck, and Jack Attack and all of them are so cool!

    This is actually the very first game emulator app for the iPhone and it is about $4.99.  If this one goes well, there will be more apps just like this with different games.

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    September 1st, 2009HeatherSunno

    Sunno S880 SmartphoneIf there is one thing that I love about the Chinese-based cell phone companies, it is the fact that there is so much technology that goes into every single phone that they produce … it truly is amazing.  Take the Sunno S880 Smartphone for example.  This is a smartphone that while it does not look chic and fashionable, the technology inside definitely surpasses a lot of the American cell phones on the market right now.

    This particular phone – the reason it is so freakin’ cool is the fact that it will be able to run Android and Windows-mobile.  That makes the Sunno S880 Smartphone a dual-system operation phone.  The Sunno S880 Smartphone also features a 3.6-inch WVGA display, a 806MHz CPU, an 8-megapixel camera, a 256/128MB RAM, GPS and WiFi connectivity.  All of which is pretty damn cool!

    Currently, this particular phone is in the works and is set to launch next month, so hopefully we will be able to do an update for you guys!

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    August 11th, 2009HeatherThuraya

    Thuraya XT Satellite PhoneFinding a phone that combines technology and roughness is something that not many companies can do.  I know that there are a few phones out there that can truly resist not only the elements but pretty much anything … but a lot of them can not.  Until right now – the company Thuraya – who I had never heard of until just now has actually come up with the toughest phone in the world!  The Thuraya XT Satellite Phone is the name of it and below I will outline just what this beauty can resist!

    Water, dust and shock resistance is no match for this beautiful phone … it also comes with a glare-resistant display, a built in GPS system and a very user-friendly menu.  It supports up to 12 different languages and the battery life is awesome!  Six hours of talk time and eighty – 8 0 hours of standby time. 

    No word on pricing or availability, but hopefully soon guys, I will keep you posted on this one!

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